Gastronomy of the Empordà

Gastronomy of the Empordà
Due to its seafaring nature, the main products of this cuisine are fish and shellfish but we cannot forget that the Empordà has very rich inland areas where we can find rice from Pals, oils and wines with Designation of Origin.

The gastronomy of the Costa Brava is known as the cuisine of the "mar i muntanya". Delicious recipes have always been elaborated with the combination of meat and fish, all cooked with a delicious sauce.

Throughout the year you will find different gastronomic campaigns where you can taste the most typical dishes. Even so, at any time you can also do it to traditional cuisine restaurants.

The menu of shrimp and crayfish, star products, especially in the Palamós area where these two campaigns are organized.

Gastronomic promotion of Pals and rice cooking, held in May / June, the restaurants in this town offer a menu based on rice grown in the same town and cooked in a casserole.

Anchovy cover route, in L'Escala. The star product is the anchovy that has been made since ancient times.

The cim-i-tomba cuisine in Tossa de Mar is one of the most representative recipes of this town. Made with fish, potatoes, onion and a good aioli on top, all cooked over a fire.

Time of "uriços" in Sant Feliu de Guixols or La Garoinada in Palafrugell, are two ideal campaigns to try the "garoina" or "uriço".

Cooking of cod and peixopalo, a popular recipe in Sant Feliu de Guixols originating from fishermen, is made with dried cod.