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The price displayed is always the total price of the booking and it’s calculated by type of accommodation and length of stay, whatever the amount of persons visiting the acomodation would be (never exceed the maximum). In the case of extra supplements there’s the option to hire them. In any case on the arrival you'll be informed personally about these options.

The check-in will take place between 16:00 and 19:00 o´clock.

The check-out will take place between 9:00 and 10:00 o´clock.

Towels and sheets are provided. The price of these is included in the price of cleaning. 

To check-in you will need a credit card for blocking the deposit and the ID of all the people who will be staying.

You can also send the information of the DNI in advance to speed up the entry to the accommodation.

The guarantee is different for each property. Rent Costa Brava can refuse you when you refuse to pay the guarantee sum.

The deposit will be between €500-€1500 per stay.

You can make the booking directly at our webside or by mail or telephone.

We like to give a personalized treatment, so check-in is done at the same accommodation. We hand over the keys, show the property and explain the details. 

On the check-in you will receive all the necessary information, documents and procedures which can be useful during their stay at the property. You will also receive a list of phones with office number and emergency (when the office is closed).

Thank you for making your reservation with us.

Here you will find some useful information.

No, the price of the accommodation will be defined by the type of accommodation (regardless of the number of people who occupy) and days of stay.

Some of the holiday homes have barbecue. If used, please clean it for the next guest.

In summer there is a law banning barbecues with wood or other forms of fire. Please use charcoal for the barbecue.